Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Strawberry Custard Puffs 草莓卡士達泡芙

Now the strawberries are in season! Looking at the strawberries in a market, the various types of strawberry dessert are popping up in my brain. In addition to delicious strawberry cakes, I can't wait to try the strawberry puffs!

The puff pastry is crunchy, combined with the soft custard and sour yet sweet strawberries, WHY NOT having afternoon tea at home today!



Puff pastry:

45 g unsalted butter 
85 c.c. water
1/4 tsp kosher salt
55 g cake flour
2.5 large eggs


Strawberries, cut in half


1 egg yolk
2 tbsp granulated sugar
1 tbsp cornstarch
100 c.c. milk
1/4 tsp vanilla extract


Puff Pastry:

1. Preheat oven to 390F/ 200C

2. Whisk eggs and sift flour, set aside

3. Combine water, salt and butter in a saucepan over medium heat and bring to a boil

4. Reduce heat to medium low, add in the sifted flour all at once and stir vigorously with a wooden spoon until it forms a ball

5. Remove the pan from the heat, transfer the dough to another bowl. Cool the dough with a mixer.

6. Add in no more than one quarter of the eggs at once and stir with a mixer until eggs are absorbed completely before adding more. Stop adding eggs when the dough forms a triangular shape on a spatula. See the picture below.

7. Put a 1 cm tip in a pastry bag and place the dough into it. Squeeze the dough out in a circle motion to create a desired size of puff. 
My puff size: small - 3 cm in diameter; large as the first picture: 8 cm in diameter.

8. Bake time varies depending on the puff size. For small puff, bake for 20 mins and lower the heat to 375F for 10 mins until golden brown. For large ones, bake for 20 mins and lower the heat to 375F for 15 mins until golden brown.
Do not open the oven during baking.

9. Cool the puffs and cut with a serrated knife.

10. Squeeze in the custard, place the strawberries and serve!

p.s If you make a lot of puffs, you can freeze them and bake for 5-10 mins before filling and serving.

Custard: (Double or triple the recipe if you wish to make more)

1. Combine egg yolk, sugar and cornstarch

2. Warm the milk and vanilla extract in a sauce pan over medium heat

3. Add the warm milk into the egg mixture, mix well

4. Transfer the mixture into the pan over medium heat, stir and turn off the heat when it begins to thicken, continue stirring to make it thicker.

Step 1 ~ 4

Cool the dough with a mixer

Add eggs a little at a time

A triangular shape

Fill the custard in the puff



無鹽奶油 45g
水 85 c.c.
粗鹽 1/4 tsp
低筋麵粉 55 g 
蛋 2.5顆




蛋黃 1
細砂糖 2 tbsp
玉米粉 1 tbsp 
牛奶 100 c.c. 
香草精 1/4 tsp



1. 烤箱預熱到 390F/ 200C

2. 雞蛋兩顆先打散,麵粉過篩

3. 以中火將水、鹽、奶油煮沸

4. 轉到中小火, 將麵粉一口氣倒入,快速攪拌直到成團

5. 關火,把麵糰放到一鋼盆以打蛋器攪拌散熱

6. 一次加入一點蛋液,以打蛋器攪拌讓麵團吸收,每次加入蛋液並攪拌均勻後以刮刀或木匙挖一小坨麵糰檢查是否呈倒三角形狀垂下,若沒有表示不夠濕則繼續加蛋液,若有則停止。所以蛋的使用狀況不一定會剛好是2.5顆。

7. 將麵糰放到擠花袋中,用一公分的擠花嘴在烤盤上擠出適當尺寸的泡芙皮

8. 烘烤時間依泡芙大小而定。小泡芙(直徑約3公分) 約烤20分鐘後將溫度降低到375F再烤10分鐘,直到表面呈金黃。大泡芙(直徑8公分)約烤20分鐘後將溫度降低至375F再烤15分鐘直到表面呈金黃。中途不能打開烤箱!

9. 泡芙烤好後取出放涼,用刀子切開即可放入餡料!

p.s 過多的泡芙可以放到冷凍庫保存,要吃之前回烤5-10分鐘再裝入餡料即可!


1. 將蛋黃、糖和玉米粉攪拌均勻

2. 牛奶和香草精一起加熱,溫熱即可

3. 熱牛奶加到做法1中攪拌均勻再倒回原本熱牛奶的鍋中

4. 以中小火加熱並且一邊攪拌直到濃稠滑順。若是要裝飾泡芙要煮更濃稠一點~


  1. We've been baking with a lot of strawberries this season, too, and now I have something new to try! These look so good, thanks for sharing it. Wishing you a great day. :)